Home Entertainment Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016: Ram agrees to fulfill Kaikeye’’s two wishes

Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016: Ram agrees to fulfill Kaikeye’’s two wishes


Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016: Sumanta comes alone to Sabhagrah. Guru Vashisth asked why did Dashrath  not come with him, he says Maharaja wants to meet Ram. Guru Vashist says it’s not right that Ram goes to leave the Sabhagrah.

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Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016

Ram said he would go as her father had called him and he would not disobey his father. Ram leaves Sabhagrah and goes with Sumanta. Sita thinks what happen why Dashrath called Ram suddenly? There will be some big problem.

Kaushlya says to Sumitra that Dashrath goes to call Kaikeye now he calls Ram what is the matter? Shall we go there. Sumitra says no Maharaja has called only Ram and they have no rights to go there. Kaushlya says what is the reason for this why Dashrath has called Ram between the process of Rajtilak.

Luxman says it is possible that some enemy will attack Ayodha so Maharaja has called Ram. Sumitra says him to be patient and wait.

Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016 Written Updates

Ram goes into the Kumbh Bhavan. He sees Kaikeye are in the black dress and Dashrath is unconscious  on the floor. He rushes to him. He gets up Dashrath and asks him what happen. Why are you in this state. Dashraths says Ram only, ram asked to Kaikeye what is the matter what had happened to Dashrath.

Kaikeye says your father is in dharma sankat, he has to take a big dicision, he afraid that you would not accep his dicision, only you can save him. Ram said tell me about the dicision. Kaikeye says your father had given me two vardan, and when it is time to complete the vardan he did not want to complete it. She says a son can fullfil his father’s promise.

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Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016

I will tell you about my wishes only if you promise to fullfil them.Ram says I will fullfil my father’s promise tell me about your wishes, then Kaikeye told him about her two wishes. She tells my first wish is Bharat should become the king of Ayodha and my second wish is 14 years vanvas for you.Ram says just these two simple wishes you want. Kaikeye shocked seeing Ram’s reaction on her wishes.

Ravan and Malyvans leave Danvlok but Vidyutjeeva stops them and says you did not leave this place alive I will kill you, he says to Ravan that he had married to Surpankha only for taking revenge on him. Vidyutjeeva runs toward Ravan to kill him but Ravan beheads him by his magical soward( Chandrass).

Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016

Ram  said to Kaikeye that it is good for me that my lovely brother will become the king of Ayodha. Ram says it is his duty to fullfil his mother’s wish and touches her feet but Kaikeye did not give him the blessing . Ram touches his father’s feet and leaves the place.

How would other family member react when they come to know about Kaikeye’s wish?


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