Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016: Dasharath Proposes Rishta For Sita’s Sisters

Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016:

Dasharatha proposes that he is impressed by the gunas of Sita’s sisters, he proposed Laxman- Urmila, Mandavi- Bharat and Shatrughan – Shrutkirti’s pairing for the marriage. Janak feels obliged hearing this he responds that this has increased Mithila’s respect with such a proposal. Everyone is relished but Mandavi and Bharat. The four sisters have always stayed together they can’t live without their parents but not without each other said, Janak.

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Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016,Siya Ke Ram , Star plus

Mandavi is not happy with Marriage Proposal, Sita asks her Mandavi replied that she was given a chance to choose her husband but nobody asked them for their choice, this is not Mithila’s tradition.Why this partiality she asked?

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 Ram and brothers are happy that Sita and her sisters will be together. But Bharat looks upset with this, Ram asked hi and Bharat replied that he doubts if Mandavi wants to Marry him, she doesn’t think good about him.Ram replied that this is not possible that someone doesn’t find him good. Bharat said he wants to Marry Mandavi by her wish because every time they met results were never healthy.Ram suggests him to talk to Mandavi once.

Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016:

Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016,Siya Ke Ram , Star plus

. Janak asked Kushadwaj over this, Kushadwaj said him and Sunaina gave so much love to his two daughters, which even him and Chandrabhaga could not give.Chandrabhaga crying asked forgiveness for her small thinking and acts always, she pleads him for his greatness.  Sunaina told Chandrabhaga to hold her tears for four daughters’ bidaai.

Sita goes to convey Mandavi’s words to Janak and he responds that in his excitement he just gave the decision, hence, this is his mistake, and said that he doesn’t want to force his wish on them. Sita said Urmila and ShrutiKirti do not have any problem, but Mandvi thinks she did not get that chance which her Sita Didi got

Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016,Siya Ke Ram , Star plus

Meanwhile, Bharat met Mandvi and brought the box. He said he came to correct his mistakes.He tells her he didn’t want to hurt her but looking at her he knows she is not happy with the proposal, being the kings and now Samdhi’s they could not refuse each other, hence, he tells her he will refuse for to Dasharath for the marriage on her behalf, apologising from her he leaves.

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Janak reaches Mandavi and tells her that Sita told him about her thought, he told her that he will refuse her proposal by meeting Dasharath, Mandavi impatiently stops his saying No, need to do that. All are surprised to hear this, Sita asked her that she told a different opinion to her. Mandavi replied that at that time she had not met Bharath she tells them that she had a wrong picture of Bharath and he is completely different from it.

Siya Ke Ram 8 February 2016,Siya Ke Ram , Star plus

She informs all that she is ready for the marriage. All of them smile, Kushdhwaj says he will inform everyone about Kushdhwaj’s decision. Janak blessed her. Mandavi told Sita that He is Ram’s shadow and he is someone who could complete her.

Mandavi is worried and tells Sita to stop Bharat from refusing for the Marriage to Dasharath.

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