HBO’s Succession Renewed for Season 3: See Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes & Everything Else

Succession Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Spoilers, News & Updates
Succession Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Spoilers, News & Updates

When the most powerful family’s backbone steps down, it affects everybody in the line. Succession came out first in 2018 and has been a huge success since then. It is based on a powerful family that is known to control media and entertainment companies. It has been speculated that the show is based on the Murdoch family. However, it has been ruled out by the creators.

It has successfully completed 2 seasons and now the wait for season 3 has begun. Before we even finished watching the second installment, the announcement for the renewal of the show was made. The show also received three Golden Globe Nominations and also won an Emmy in 2019. The first installment came in June 2018 while the second came in August 2019. So will there be a season 3 for Succession? Let’s find out.

Who is in Succession season 3? Cast

We most definitely expect the central cast to be back like,

  • Brian Cox as Logan Roy
  • Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy
  • Sarah Snook as Shiv AKA Siobhan Roy
  • Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy
  • Alan Ruck as Connor Roy
  • Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans
  • Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch

Although there are some supporting actors that we may see as well like,

  • J Smith Cameron as Gerri Kellman
  • Justine Lupe as Willa
  • Dagmara Dominczyk as Karolina
  • Arian Moayed as Stewy

What is the plot of Succession season 3?

An official synopsis for the show has not been released by the creators. However, some hints were dropped by the writer of the show Lucy Prebble in an interview in November 2019. She said in an interview that this show may go more on an international level than it has ever before.

It may talk about the relation between the media industry and the international countries. The way international countries control and fund media may be brought up since it is not talked about a lot.

It is still hard to predict what may be next for us in the store. As we have seen whatever we think will happen next, doesn’t happen. So, there are still chances we will see what happens after Kendall exposed Logan and his company in a televised conference. He was supposed to take a fall for his dad but he instead ended up throwing his dad under the bus.

We were expecting Kendall to be that guy but it turned that he wasn’t. Then we thought Shiv would be that guy but again she wasn’t. Well, maybe the next installment will show us if Roman is that guy. (check: The Promised Neverland Season 2.)

However, it is still a question if the series will be incorporating the current situations of the world in the storyline or not. At the moment it is just a question. We may also see where Logan and Kendall go from here. After what happened in season two. Whatever it maybe we will definitely go on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns.

When is the Succession season 3 release date? Premiere

The show was supposed to come out this year. However, this show has also been hampered by the Covid-19. The shoot had to be delayed. Cox mentioned in an interview that they will begin the shooting as soon as it is safe for everyone to work.

So, there is going to be a wait for this show. He also said that Season three is written and now all that is left to do is get their people from around to globe and start working on the locations. (check: Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Anime Episodes, and Everything So Far.)

Is there a season 3 trailer for Succession?

Now that the production has been hampered, we won’t be seeing a trailer anytime soon. You can check the trailer for installment two below. We will update you as soon as there is any news on the same.

How many episodes are there in season 3 of Succession?

The runtime of the show has been around 56 to 66 minutes so it will probably be the same. The episodes in the previous seasons have been ten. So, there is a high chance of seeing ten episodes in season three as well.

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