TikTok: Is Lovely Peaches in Jail? Peaches Did Not Get Arrested: Rumor Debunked

Lovely Peaches Jail Arrest 2020
Lovely Peaches Jail Arrest 2020, Was Peaches Arrested? Is Peaches In Jail? Did Peaches Get Arrested?

Rumors tell us that Lovely Peaches TikTok is in jail and that Peaches got arrested. The news blew up after Peaches made inappropriate sexual remarks and rape threats to Charli D’Amelio during her Instagram live stream. Now Charli’s fans want to see Peaches in jail and arrested by cops ASAP!

Lovely Peaches is just 19 years old, a mother to a baby girl, and has a large following of 1 Million on both Instagram and TikTok. She is infamous for posting controversial content on both social media platforms. Peaches rose to fame after her song “Itching and Burning” went viral on TikTik in 2019.

Lovely Peaches Jail Arrest 2020
Lovely Peaches Jail Arrest 2020, Was Peaches Arrested? Is Peaches In Jail? Did Peaches Get Arrested?

Did Lovely Peaches Get Arrested? Fact Check

No, Lovely Peaches did not get arrested. So far, no information regarding Peaches’ arrest is available on the Internet, albeit people are demanding the arrest as soon as possible.

Was Lovely Peaches Arrested In Past? No, a video of a black woman in a wheel-chair surrounded by cops has gone viral. The video is not of Lovely Peaches TikTok.

Peaches & Charli Drama took place on Thursday, and anger is fuming in people’s hearts and minds since then. However, Charli has not released any statement concerning Peaches’ comments and threatening to rape her.

Petition To Put Brittany Johnson (Peaches) in Prison

Luna Belle started the petition on Change.org almost two years ago describing Peaches as a “17-year-old woman who brags of being a prostitute, verbally and physically abuses her 4-month-old daughter Cora”.

“She says she wants to kill her daughter, cut off her hair, embarrass her in the future and calls her an animal,” the description read.

The petition has received considerable attention in the past two days, as 49 thousand people have signed it with a goal of 50K. Check out the petition —> Put Lovely Peaches In Prison Petition.

What Happened To Charli D’Amelio?

D’Amelio went live on Thursday on her Instagram account to interact with the fans. The not-so-lovely Lovely Peaches greeted her, the latter targeted the 16 years old Charli and asked her to “please sleep with Noah.”

At first, Charli tried to ignore her stupid comments, but things got out of control when she said, “Charli I wanna see you and Noah together in action in the bedroom, Charli please sleep with Noah.”

Charlie DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments, Deleted Videos and Photos, Lovely Peaches Arrested, Peaches In Jail
Charlie DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments, Deleted Videos, and Photos, Lovely Peaches Arrested, Peaches In Jail

The disheartened Charli then closed her IG live stream, but the damage had been done.

Is Peaches Arrested? Where’s She Now?

Peaches’ TikTok account with almost 1 Million followers, got deleted from the platform, citing Violation of Community Guidelines. Afterward, Peaches posted several videos on her Instagram account threatening to rape Charlie and claiming to have hired a “30-year-old to rape Charlie D’Amelio.” See the videos below.

Charli’s friend Avani, also a TikTok star, has asked Instagram to delete her account following the gross videos posted by her – threatening to rape Charli and slapping asleep babies.

No news regarding her location is available. She might be hiding in her mama’s lap if that place is still available. We hope that Peaches get arrested and charged with cyberbullying & harassing Charli.

What are your thoughts on Peaches’ Arrest? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. I have a video of her talking on phone to a man trying to sex traffic her young daughter. Where does she live so I can call police ?

  2. What is going on here… I don’t understand why she is not in jail…we need to locate her and we need to save that baby. Why is nobody doing anything. I called my locate news and called my locate police dept. They wont do do anything.


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