The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Graphic Designing for Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Graphic Designing for Kids
The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Graphic Designing for Kids

If you have a budding artist at home, it is exciting to see them discover their own creativity. The most important thing for kids to learn about graphic design is that it’s not just a hobby. It’s much more than that. Aside from being fun, graphic design is great for those who can bring creativity to the table.

Kids love to draw and create. They love doing activities, especially if they involve crayons, markers, or paint. When children do art, they understand that they can do things for themselves. 

Graphic design is a great way for children to unleash their creativity. It exercises a child’s mind, allowing them to think more clearly. It also has a positive impact on your child’s self-esteem. If you want to turn your kids into graphic designers, you’re in luck. This guide will show you how.

Before You Start: What Graphic Design Tools Should You Have?

It’s never too early to teach your kids graphic design and basic learning techniques. But you must choose the right teaching tools. This can help children learn the basics of graphic design in an easy and fun-filled way. So if you’re interested in teaching them graphic design, here are some tools that will help you get started.

  • Pen and Paper

Pen and paper enable you to “intuitively draw” design concepts in your children’s heads. As their sketches take basic shape, they become aware of challenges and issues. Taking notes, doodling, and composing by hand improve focus and imagination. Go all-in by investing in iconic pencils and some good notebook brands.

  • High-Quality Monitor

Technology makes graphic designing easier. With the right tools, your child can make their ideas come to life better. 

But graphic design needs more than just a working laptop or tablet. To make your work better, you need the best monitor for graphic design. A computer monitor with a 4K resolution is a great choice for graphic designers.

Getting the right monitor for your needs is important when you want to get the most out of it. A good quality monitor makes a difference in the way you use your PC. But it can be quite challenging to determine what the best monitors for graphic design are. Here is a list of some of the monitors that you need to teach your child graphic design.

Samsung U-E590D – Best Monitor for Designers

The Samsung U-E590D is the best graphic design monitor on the market today. This is generally the best monitor for graphic design. You can now watch the most recent 4K content in beautiful lifelike detail. In addition, this monitor can display 64 times more color than standard monitors. This means you can get a more precise, natural, and vibrant design.

ASUS ProArt Display PA278CV – Best Second Monitor for Designers

The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV monitor is ideal for content creators. The high pixel density produces sharp images and text. There is also enough screen room to have multiple windows open at once. It’s an excellent, budget-friendly monitor that can satisfy most users.

Dell UltraSharp U4919DW 49″ –  Biggest Computer Monitor

This monitor can replace two 27-inch displays as one of the largest computer monitors. The Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW has good viewing angles. This is an important feature for graphic designers to give more space as they work on a design. 

Those who use dual-monitor setups know how difficult it is to have separate viewing experiences. This ultrawide display monitor will make your child’s work easier.

Apple Pro Display XDR – Best 32-Inch Monitor for Graphic Design

The Apple Pro Display XDR costs around $6,300 – $7,500. The primary advantages include a very bright monitor and a very sharp display. If properly configured, it can do almost anything. All these are impressive specs. That’s why Apple proudly asserts that this model is the “world’s greatest pro monitor.”

LG 27UL850 – Best Value for Money

The LG 27UL850 is an excellent choice for photographers and graphic designers. Anyone who wants high-quality color calibration at a reasonable price should buy this monitor. 

You won’t find a better deal if you have a future graphic artist with a budget of around $500.

  • Software for Digital Drawing

Your child can sketch up many concepts in their notebook but, it’s not enough to bring their ideas to life. Every graphic designer uses creative software as an essential piece of graphic design equipment. 

The right graphic design tools can have a major impact on your child’s designs. They are beneficial for both beginners and experienced designers. While some have more advanced features, some graphic design software is easy to use.

Adobe and Sketch are two of the most popular software packages for graphic designers. But there are many more to learn more about before settling on one. You can start with free online apps for graphic design like Canva and Inkscape. 

There are also affordable ones if your child needs more advanced features. Most companies will provide you with a free trial so you can get a feel for the product before you pay for it. Then, match the features to the sort of task you perform most frequently.

  • Cloud Storage

It’s good to have an external hard drive when you start teaching your kids graphic design. It helps them store large amounts of their work. But these hard drives can get corrupted or damaged by natural causes like floods and fire. Luckily, cloud storage is a thing, and it makes files easier to access. 

It also allows designers to work collaboratively on design documents. Additionally, you can get a limited amount of cloud storage space by creating an account. This is true if you have Google Drive, for example.

Graphic Design Activities for Beginners

Graphic design is a developing industry. Businesses are constantly searching for innovative team members that can help them succeed. Engaging your children’s interest in graphic design activities is the best way to teach them the skill. You can start with these four basic graphic design activities at home.

  1. Designing a Logo

A logo helps in the development of a company’s identity. Allow your children to design their own distinctive logo. You can have them design a logo for a company that offers your child’s favorite item. This is also a good start to introducing them to the many color schemes used to symbolize various brands.

  • Learning Typography

Learning typography is important to becoming a skilled graphic designer. 

Shoot the Serif is an easy game that will help them become familiar with different font styles. The idea is to photograph Serif font styles while avoiding shooting Sans Serifs. A Serif is a tiny line that runs from the end of a letter or symbol’s stroke. A Sans Serif letter or symbol is devoid of a line.

  • Creating a Business Card

Making business cards teaches your kids how to communicate information in the workplace. They will learn how to communicate and express themselves in a limited amount of time. 

Teach them how to fill in the blanks on a business card. This is also a good way for them to practice remembering important information like phone numbers.

  • Customizing Package Labels

Children enjoy customizing items. Here’s a creative way to teach your kids about packaging. 

Replace your current package with one of your creations. Look through your cupboard for ideas and select a few packets of food that your children will adore. Take a look at what they have in common. Discuss with them the placement of the wording or the sort of image used on the box. Tell them that they need to take note of the colors used to depict various foods.

Is It Possible for a Kid to be a Graphic Designer?

Of course, a child can be a graphic designer. Graphic designers get their ideas from a variety of sources. They get it from their own experiences and how they see the world. Children experience the world creatively and vividly. Because of that, they can easily learn the skills needed by graphic designers.

In the world of graphic design, there are a few things that are essential to your success. One of them is a monitor, which will provide your child with the best possible view of their work. Couple that with the right software, and you can watch your child make wonderful designs.

Hopefully, this guide will help you introduce your child to the wonderful world of graphic design. Who knows what kind of talent you might be discovering? 

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