Miami Valley Hospital Shooting, 1 dead and security guard injured

Miami Valley Hospital Shooting, 1 dead and security guard injured
Miami Valley Hospital Shooting, 1 dead and security guard injured

A shooting took place at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton on Wednesday morning. According to police, an imprisoned Montgomery County Jail inmate died while another person was injured.

He had been under medical treatment in the hospital’s emergency department when he took an armed security guard’s weapon and shot the officer; according to Maj. Brian Johns of Dayton Police Department. The Miami Valley shooting took place in the parking lot. The inmate died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

At the time of writing, the condition of the security guard was unknown. According to Johns, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office uses a private security guard to monitor inmates. He is not an official deputy officer.

According to Johns, the guard was assigned as emergency security when the convict arrived at the hospital around 1 a.m. (Also Check: Who was Jim Parks? Cause of Death, Net Worth 2022, Wife, Children, Wiki Bio.)

Miami Valley Hospital’s Mike Uhl said that the hospital is safe and secure. All routine operations at the institution were put on hold for a time while emergency department services were redirected, but they have now resumed as usual.

All of Miami Valley Healthcare’s employees are safe and unharmed. According to a hospital representative, the only part of the institution that was damaged was the emergency department. Everyone on staff is safe and well.

The convict was on probation when he shot the guard. At this time, the authorities are investigating what sparked the incident and how the prisoner came into possession of the officer’s gun. The incident took place at 9:45 in the morning.

The officer said that patients are typically handcuffed at the hospital. This may vary, however, as a result of medical treatments. Because of another case, officers had already arrived at the location in question beforehand.

According to Uhl, the hospital has its own police department. However, it is not unusual for MiamiValley or Dayton cops to be on-site in the emergency department owing to the job.

We’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything new. So, stay tuned to The Courier Daily for more.

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