Netflix’s Voltron Season 8 Release Date, Spoilers and other Details You Want to Know

Voltron Season 8 Release Date: The highly rated web television series Voltron put a good and a bad news to their fans. Good news is followed as the show is ready to deliver its 7th instalment to its viewers and the bad news is followed as the 8th instalment will gonna be the last part of the show.

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The official announcement takes place in San-Deigo Comic-con by Dreamwork. On last Friday, They had made the announcement regarding 7th and 8th season. Another interesting news was revealed that Shiro is romantically involved with Adam.

Voltron Season 8 Release Date

Adam is a Garrison officer while Shiro is a former paladin of the Black Lion and leader extraordinaire in Lgbt. The 7th season will be run under the title“ A Little Adventure,” Voltron. Show-runners reveals that for going to Kerberos mission, Shiro left his boyfriend.

Season 7 will consist 13 episodes and should be considered as a semi final of the entire series. Episodes are arranged in the same manner as it was earlier released. The entire series talks about the five pilots called as paladins. The main task of these paladins is to protect the universe.

Voltron Season 8 Release Date, Voltron Season 8 Spoilers

They travel in their Lion-shaoped space crafts. It is basically a remaking of the Legendary Defender. The season 7 was aired on August 10, 2018, consisting of 13 episodes. If we follow out the track, then it can be assumed that in a last 2 years the show makers had delivered 7 seasons. So I think we shouldn’t have to wait for long for season 8.

According to a report, there are total 26 episodes left. This indicated the hope of 8th instalment, but side by side we have to accept this fact that this will gonna be the last one. The show makers make a contract with Netflix to deliver 78 episodes in total. So, this is pretty much obvious that part 8 will be the last one.

The release date of the season is yet not confirmed. But based upon previous surveys it will come to you very soon. May be it will gonna release in early 2019. You can catch this series only on Netflix.

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