Netflix’s The Ranch Part 6: All about the release date

Netflix’s The Ranch Part 6 Release Date: The part 5 of the series was available on the portal of Netflix in June 2018. And now the fans and the audiences are eager to get the next part. They all want the story to continue further. But the production of new episode will take time.

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The series is considered one of the best in the comedy genre. The story is all about Bennetts, a family with two brothers, their father, his divorced wife an the owner of a local bar living around the Iron River Ranch in Garrison, Colorado. The series is available on Netflix in parts.

The Ranch Part 6 Release Date

Usually, each part consists of 10 episodes. This show has the comedy which will relieve you from the stress of life. If you are the one who has so much stress then this will be a great option for you to watch. Nobody knows much about the next instalment of the series.

It is still a big question and it will remain same as soon as the official announcements are not made. If we observe the history of the release date of previous parts of the series it seems that this time, it will be available sooner than ever. Here is the list of the same:

Season 1 (Part 1) — April 1, 2016.
Season 1 (Part 2) — October 7, 2016.
Season 2 (Part 3) — June 16, 2017.
Season 2 (Part 4) — December 15, 2017.
Season 3 (Part 5) — June 15, 2018.

The Ranch Part 6 Release Date

And according to this trend, the next part will be available by December 2018. Here is the star cast of the series which are likely to be in the next instalment:

Ashton Kutcher as Colt Bennett
Debra Winger as Maggie Bennett
Sam Elliot as Beau Bennett
Grady Lee Richmond as Hank
Elisha Cuthbert as Abby
Megyn Price as Mary

All over the web, there is an expectation that Ashton Kutcher will be back in the upcoming episodes and will play the role of Colt Reagan Bennett. Those who are watching this series from the beginning will understand this. You just have to wait for almost 6 months and all of your questions will be answered automatically by Netflix.

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