What does the future of DC Movies look like?

What does the future of DC Movies look like?
What does the future of DC Movies look like?

Most people sit in either camp Marvel or camp DC. And, in the last few years, DCU has come under fire for not putting out consistent hits like Marvel. While Marvel shows off brightly colored superheroes and a lot of humor, DCU has always had a darker edge – and that doesn’t always translate to the screen.

They often say that DC movies are aimed at people who enjoy comic books and graphic novels and are looking for more depth in the characters. They usually have darker backstories, and that is a lot to fit in on-screen and still welcome people who maybe haven’t read the comics previously.

DC Studios had a big shake-up when Peter Safran and James Gunn took over the studio in late 2022, and while there have been plenty of turbulent times, the pair have received plenty of positive and welcoming press.

In interviews, the pair stated that they understood there was a disconnect between the audiences and the movies that were going out, and as they guided the studios in a fresh direction, there would be some changes. The pair hope that what they can produce is a more cohesive feel across all of the DC media, including the games, animations, TV, and movies – which is no small feat.

DCU fans should keep in mind, though, that the size of the project most likely means that we won’t see any of these changes until late 2025, although there is some speculation that this would be closer to 2026.

In 2023 DCU will put putting out:

  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  • The Flash
  • Blue Beetle
  • Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom
  • Joke: Folie a Deux

While The Batman 2, Black Canary, and Static Shock were all TBC and rumored to be in the years following. The Batman 2 is expected to hit screens somewhere in 2025. There has been some speculation that Batman fans might have their screens graced by Micheal Keaton once more, but some rumors point the finger back at poker loving Ben Affleck, who we know manages to pull off the darker characters in hit movies.

But it is more likely that once this cycle of Batman actors has played out, we will get someone completely new as the caped crusader.

In more unhappy news for Superman fans, with the departure of Henry Cavill, there is current speculation about who might step into those bright red boots.

Gunn is quoted as saying in a recent interview that part of his process is to cast after the writing has been completed or is close to finished. Fans have started to talk about who they could see in the role, and here are some of the front runners:

  • Astin Butler
  • David Corenswet
  • Adam DiMarco
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Will Poulter

The question has been posed about Gunn and Safran hitting a soft reboot on the whole DCU universe and presenting fans with a fresh new take on some of the world’s most beloved superheroes.

2022 was the year of canceled movies and TV shows in the DC universe, and all of that culling could make way for bigger budgets and better writing on the next projects that will come from the studio.

Some of the cancellations were not welcome news for fans who had been hoping to see them on the big or little screen. Here are some of the DCU 2022 cancellations:

  • Wonder Women 3 (in its current form)
  • Batgirl
  • Batman Beyond
  • Black Adam 2
  • Man of Steel 2
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • Strange Adventures
  • Young Justice
  • Madame X

And those are just a few.

It has been speculated that in order for Safran and Gunn to completely turn the DCU ship around, they could dive into the multiverse using The Flash. With a big shift in the faces that people got to know in the superhero roles like Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill, it could mean that we get some fresh takes on classic characters.

There are some people, though, who would prefer to see a hard reset on DCU instead, and rather than go through the same things again with the next batch of projects, see something new. A mistake that Gunna and Safran should hope to avoid is having a sequel, reboot, fresh take, sequel, remake again format. Telling the same stories over again until fans are no longer sure which version they are watching – and perhaps more to the point, why?

A hard reset on DCU would mean that everything we have watched at the cinema and what we know in terms of canon, the actors we are used to, and the characters as a whole would be wiped away. A hitch that comes with that is actors like Jason Momoa couldn’t really take up the reins again – and that might displease fans more than the reboots.

In the end the solution might be to find a cohesive middle ground between the previous Snyder takes on these beloved heroes, with a refreshed angle from Gunn and Safran.

In the meantime, while the fate of the DCU is in balance, here is something to watch that won’t put you through the same turmoil: Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything Else So Far | The Courier Daily.

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