Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates: Raman came to know that Ishita has told lie to him

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates: Raman said to Shanno that Ishita is not talking to him and even not answering his phone calls. Shanno said to him that it looked like he is missing Ishita. Raman said that Ishita is Pihu’s friend so she should meet at least with Pihu.  Shanno said to Raman that Ishita might be with Ashok.

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She said to Raman to say love you to Ishita. But Raman scolded her and said her to do her work. Raman left from there. Ishita became happy because Raman was missing her. Simmi was crying on her bed. Shanno came there. Shanno gave her head massage. Simmi thanked her.

Shanno asked her the thing that was bothering her so much. Shanno said that she knew she had lost her daughter. She said that she did a lot for that family. Simmi asked her who told her all this. Shanno said that Neelu had told her about it. Shanno said to Simmi that she is her hero and she is her ardent fan.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates

She will follow her all commands. Simmi asked her to stop praising her. Shanno said to Simmi that she could share any secret with her and she is her right hand. Raman came to Simmi.  He said to Simmi that he saw Ashok without Ishita.

He said that she had told him that Ishita is gone on a business trip with Ashok but he saw Ashok alone. Simmi said that it could not be possible. She said that she would ask Ashok’s travel agent or Mihika. Raman said to Simmi to come with him to find it out.

Shanno said to Raman that Simmi’s condition was not well. Simmi said that she was fine and will go with him. Simmi left with Raman. Ishita called to Ashok. She said to him she comes to know that Raman had seen him. She said to him to do according to her planning.

Ishita also called Shagun and said to her that she wanted to meet with her. Raman and Simmi were waiting for Mihika. Simmi said that she had messaged to Mihika and she might be on her way. Simmi said that Mihika could tell them about travel agency.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates

Raman asked her that Ashok is here then where did Ishita go. Simmi asked him why he was asking her about Ishita. He said that Ishita is his business investor and he wrongly accused her. Mihika did not come there. So Raman left.

Raman saw Ishita. She was talking with someone on phone and saying that they would celebrate a grand Lohri party together. Raman thought that it could be Ashok with whom Ishita was talking on the phone. He thought that she had told lie to them that she and Ashok were gone on a business trip.

Raman came to Simmi and told her that he saw Ishita. He said that Ishita and Ashok didn’t go on a business trip and were in the city. He said that Ishita was talking with Ashok about organizing a Lohri party at her home. Raman and Simmi came to the home.

Simmi saw that Ms Bhalla was doing work in the kitchen. Simmi asked her why she was doing this because this was work of Shanno. Ms Bhalla said that Shanno had gone to market but didn’t come. Simmi said that she would go and look her maybe she had forgotten her way.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Updates

Shanno came there and said that she is back now. Ms Bhalla asked her where she was. Shanno said that she went to buy a new garland for Ananya. Simmi got emotional. She thanked Shanno. Ashok’s servant called Shanno and told her that Ashok’s condition was not well.

Shanno said that she would come to Ashok’s house. Simmi saw Shanno leaving their house. Simmi told Raman about it. They followed Shanno. They came to Ashok’s house and asked about Shanno. Shanno said that her brother worked there as a gardener and she was informed that he is unwell so she came there.

Raman and Simmi left there and Shanno stayed there to take care of her brother. Ishita called the doctor. The doctor came there and gave Ashok some medicines. She said to Ashok that she told to lie to Raman about her brother.

Will Simmi know about Shanno?

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