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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 November 2015- Pathak’s shocking revelation


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 November 2015

Neel Pathak during investigation confesses that he is unaware how did the dead body reach his car. He said whatever he did was just to save his wife Trisha and his family, “Trisha is in danger”- he said.

Listening to this Raman and Ishita enter the police cell, Pathak breaks down and asks forgiveness for his acts saying, ‘i did it to save Trisha and his family’. 

 Trisha’s Brother Mr. Tondon is bankrupt. Ever since then Trisha was keeping sad and eventually she got into Gambling. Being busy in work Pathak was unaware, gradually it became her addiction things opened up when one day she lost lacks of rupees and the dangerous people in whose company she got into came to their home to threaten them for money.

Begin a lawyer he does not have enough salary, a friend of his told him that a person could help him but he will have to work for him. he later found out that person was Ashok Khanna.

“I was embarrassed to seek help from you, you have done so much for me ever since I was a child’ – he told Raman.

Raman asks – “did Ashok give you for messing up the business tender”, He informed that Ashok did give him money but by that time it was very late as those people by then had kidnapped Trisha.

He had to go to get her released, from them from a jungle across Surajkund, it was then he found out that there was a dead body in his car. He was scared, thinking that maybe those people with whom Trisha used to gamble might have put that dead body, hence he decided to keep hush about it and dug the body.

Pathak is innocent

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 Pathak started to cry and becoming unease he said he wants to save Trisha, her life is in danger. Abhishek offers to accompany him to save Trisha.

While Ashok on the phone is shouting at someone that by killing the watchman. Ashok has saved his life but next time he won’t do it.

Ishita is surprised over Raman behaving normally. He explains to her that whatever Pathak did was only to help his beloved “I am not angry with him but proud of him that he could actually do it all to save her”.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 November 2015

Abhishek called Raman to inform him Trisha was rescued and she was safe.

On conference call Abhishek, Shagun , Ishita and Prateek are talking that “if Pathak is not Ashok’s Khabri, he who?” in his next step Ashok would contact Shagun ie: Ishita who is possessed by her spirit.  Ishita plans to double-cross him when he contacts her.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 November 2015, Simi, Param, ishita
will Ashok find out the reality?

Baala brings a gift for Vandhu, she throws tantrums saying she does not like the color and wants to buy a new color.

Ashok is in a meeting with businessman Khurrana discussing over capturing the next tender over Raman. suddenly, Khurrana asked for an excuse to meet his old Friend. Ashok found out it was Prateek.

On coming back, Khurrana says, “Prateek is an old friend but not in contact now, he has always been afraid of ghosts and paranormal activities”.

On knowing this Ashok could sense something fishy. He thinks to himself “Kahi Prateek ki tarah yeh shagun ka khel bhi nakli toh nahi”.

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as anticipated Ashok called Ishita aka Shagun for him and offers her to come over his place for dinner. he convinces her that at home we will have a lot of privacy. Ishita agrees for the same.

Will Ishita trap fall in Ashok’s trap, let us find out tommorow.


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