Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates: Shanno’s truth gets revealed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates: Raman said that Ms Ishita’s name seemed ominous. He said that Why Shanno interrupted him when he was about to talk with Ishita. Ishita called Raman. Raman said to Ishita that he wanted to meet her. Ishita asked him the reason. Raman said that he wants to discuss with her an important topic.

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But Ishita refused to meet him because she was busy. They hang on the call. Ishita thought that she wants to meet with Raman but she is bound with her father-in-law’s promise. Ishita got emotional for some time. Then she realized that she has to be strong.

She said that she needs to look after Ruhi and find out if Ruhi is at her work. Ruhi came to the house. She was in a crying mood. Simmi saw her. She asked her about it. Ruhi told Simmi that Nikhil has come to stay in their building and she met with him. Ruhi said that it would be very hard for her to live there.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates

She said that how she would hide from him and if he hurt her again, what she would do. Simmi asked her if she knew where he stayed. She said to her to come with her. But Ruhi refused to go with her. Simmi said to her that she would not let Nikhil harm her.

She said that she is with her and asked her to come with her. Simmi came at Nikhil’s door with Ruhi. She knocked on Nikhil’s door. Ruhi said that Nikhil is a foul person and he didn’t want to create any scene. But Simmi said to her that she would deal with the situation.

Ruhi told Simmi that Nikhil is not at home because when she saw him he was going out. But suddenly the door opened and Nikhil came out. Simmi said to Nikhil, not to trouble Ruhi. She said to him that why he is staying in their building.

He said that she is not the owner of the building and she has no right to say that. He said that he is a tenant in that apartment. Simmi asked him to leave the house otherwise she would have him kicked out. Nikhil said that she could not do that.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates

Simmi started fighting with him but Ruhi took her back with him from there. Simmi told Mihika that Shanno was telling her that Ishita is indulged in black magic. Mihika asked her not to believe in Shanno. Simmi said that she thought Shanno is right because Raman is spellbound by Ishita.

Mihika said that Ishita is her sister and she knew her well and she can’t do that. Param came there and heard their talk. He said to them that why Shanno is interfering in everything. Mihika said that she even didn’t like Shanno. Mihika said that they need to figure out what is Shanno’s agenda.

Simmi said to them that Shanno is very nice to her. Mihika said to Simmi that it could be her trick. She said that they have to find out what Shanno wants to do. She said that she would uncover the truth hidden behind her veil.

Shanno heard Ms Bhalla ‘s voice saying that Pihu is in trouble. Shanno came running and forgot to cover her face with the veil. It was a plan of Mihika. All family members came to know the truth of Shanno. They all started cursing Ishita. Raman got shocked.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Updates

Ishita told Mihika that it is important for her to stay near Raman. Raman asked her the reason. Ishita didn’t answer his question. Raman said that he trusted on her but she betrayed him. Mr Bhalla also came there. He said to Ishita that she dishonoured his oath.

He said to her that he retract his oath but she would never step into their house. Raman asked Ishita why she did that. Ishita said that she did this for him. She said that there’s threat to his life from one of his family members.

Raman asked her who wants to kill him. Ishita said that she knew but she had no evidence. So she came there to protect him. But Raman didn’t believe her.

Will Ishita tell him the whole truth?

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