Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates: Iravati has a deal for Dhruv

Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates: Dhruv was in an angry mood. Iravati came to him. She said to him that she wants to talk with him about Chandrakanta. She said to Dhruv that he did a lot for him but Chandrakanta cheated him and gave preference to Veer rather than him. She said to do a deal with her.

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Dhruv said to her that she is his enemy and she is misguiding him about Chandrakanta.  She said to Dhruv that she wants to show him something. Iravati showed Veer and Chandrakanta together in her magic mirror.

Veer and Chandrakanta were in search of Jadui Khanjar. Chandrakanta heard the water voice. She said that she is feeling thirsty. They came to a river. Veer drank water to Chandrakanta. Iravati said to Dhruv to help to enter into that magic gate where Jadui Khanjar was placed.

Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates

Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates

She said that she would enter into it and took Khanjar from there and then he could fight with her to get the khanjar. Dhruv left from there. Swayam came to Veer and Chandrakanta. He said to them that they would never be able to get the Khanjar as he is protecting the khanjar.

Swayam tried to attack them but they ran from there. Swayam followed them. Veer said to Chandrakanta to find the khanjar and he would Swayam. Chandrakanta left there in search of Khanjar. He saw Tez tied with ropes. She tried to help him. But she could not get him free.

Tez told her that Swayam has controlled his soul and if Veer killed Swayam then he would also kill. Veer was about to kill Swayam but Chandrakanta came there and told Veer that if he killed Swayam then Tez would also be killed. Veer said that they would a find a way to handle this situation.

Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates

Tez said to Veer that he doesn’t care about his life. He requested Veer to kill Swayam to get the khanjar. Veer tried to kill Swayam but Chandrakanta stopped him and said that she would not get the khanjar in charge of Tez’s life.

Umang said to Dhruv that why he was giving companionship to Iravati. Dhruv said to him that Chandrakanta is mad for her love and she has no focus on her mission of getting Khanjar. So he had to do something to get the Khanjar.

He said that he would do veneration of Lord Vishnu and the magic gate would appear once again. He said that he would let Iravati enter into it and take the Khanjar. He said that then he would fight with Iravati to find the Khanjar. Umang said that Iravati is cheating him but Dhruv didn’t believe him.

Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 28th January 2018 Written Updates

An Aghori came to Veer and told him that if he wants to free the soul of Tez from Swayam, then he has to find a lion that would get the soul of Tez free from Swayam’s control. The Aghori disappeared from there. Veer told Chandrakanta about it. Chandrakanta said that they had to find it to save the life of Tez.

They both left in search of the lion. Both were in search of the lion. A magic path came to their way. The path puts a condition that only that person can pass through this path who has lost his/her life for his/her love.

Chandrakanta said to Veer that once she has lost her life for her love, so she could go through that way. Chandrakanta went alone through that path and Veer stayed there.

Will Chandrakanta be able to find the lion and save Tez’s life?

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