Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date: Is it ready for 2018?

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date: The Japanese sport based anime named Yuri on ice earns a lot of ratings. Not only in Japan it also achieves high success in America. After getting a brilliant season fan are waiting for its second season.

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The story revolves around a 23 years old ice skater Yuri. After suffering a great defeat in Grand-Prix final he puts his career on hold. He visited Kyushu where he met his previous ice rink mate Yuko. There Yuko finds that Yuri is mimicking the skating routine of his idol.

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date

She records it when he was mimicking. After that she put it on the internet and video becomes viral. After seeing that video Victor approaches Yuri and offers Yuri to train him. The credit for the success of the show goes to its sports plot line. It also discusses the same gender relation between them.

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date

Show makers tell that they are looking forward to converting the anime into a movie. This doesn’t mean they won’t release season 2, but they won’t release it before the adaptation of the movie. Creators said that they are focusing more on the relationship developing between Yuri and Victor.

In starting victor loves Yuko, but after starting training with him they built up a relation. With all this Yuko develops the feeling of jealousy in her. This may lead to a harem plot which wasn’t introduced yet. Mitsuo Kubo revealed that Victor can also compete in Grand Prix but he will maintain his position of Yuri’s coach.

That’s why Yuri puts more of his effort during training as he has to surpass in mentor in the competition. Victor is the best in his field. Therefore, this time fans will get high quality of skating in this season. As the production team is currently working on the adaptation of the movie, there is no official information came out regarding the release date of season 2.

But they revealed that they will release it soon as soon as the adaption of the movie takes place. It is in the air that maybe it will gonna release in late 2018 or early 2019. This is all for Yuri on Ice season 2. We will inform you of the release date as soon as it officially announced.

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