‘#BlackAF Season 2’ Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed?

'#BlackAF Season 2' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed?

BlackAF Season 2:  Recently, a few days back, on April 17, a new show was released on Netflix. After the release, it got huge attention from the Black community. Now, the question is whether it is going to renew or not?

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The writer, actor, and executive producer of the series, Kanye Barris, has created a story of himself. In the past, the black community has suffered a lot to get settled in modern society. He fictionalized the story and acted himself and light it up.

‘#BlackAF Season 2’ Release Date

As of now, there is no official social media post or news regarding the renewal of the series. The creator must be observing the response of the viewers to decide whether to extend the story or not.

If in case, they might have come to the conclusion of renewal but due to the virus pandemic, they are unable to work further. We will update this page as soon we get the official announcement.

‘#BlackAF Season 2’ Trailer

As stated above, the renewal is not confirmed then a trailer is far away. If you are new to the series then you can watch the season 1 trailer below:

‘#BAF S02’ Plot

The season 1 finale ended with how Kenya realizes that he is losing the parenting qualities as he sees Marquise, Chloe’s boyfriend, teaching swimming strategy to Pops and save someone from drowning.

For the time being, Drea is sorting the feeling experienced after getting the first kiss from both male and female. Joya learns to manage work and play in life. Kenya rents an island apologizes to her wife and finally, the family conflict is clear.

This clearly says all that the series is all focused on parental and family life. Season 2 will feature more challenges, issues, happiness, and joy one experiences in family life. The official plot will be updated as we get it.

'#BlackAF Season 2' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed?

‘#BlackAF Season 2’ Cast

If in case, the series is returning, then most of the cast members will the same as it is a new show. Few new characters are expected in the second installment. Here is the expected cast list:

Kenya Barris as Kenya Barris.
Rashida Jones as Joya Barris.
Iman Benson, as Drea Barris.
Genneyaa Walton as Chloe Barris.
Scarlet Spencer as Izzy Barris.
Justin Claiborne as Pops Barris.
Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Kam Barris.
Richard Gardenhire Jr. as Brooklyn Barris.

Stay tuned with TCD! for more news.

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