Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates: Veer helps Chandrakanta to fight against Iravati

Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates: Chandrakanta became happy that Veer is now out of control of Iravati and he is on her side. Veer said to her to hide in a safe place. Veer left from there. Veer came to Iravati and become unconscious. Iravati took him to the RajMahal.

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Chandrakanta told Dhruv that now Veer is out of control of Iravati and he helped her. She said that now Veer is on their side. But Dhruv said to Chandrakanta that Veer was cheating her and he is is still under control of Iravati. He said that Iravati is using Veer as her pawn.

He said to Chandrakanta that she should give preference to her mission rather than Veer. He asked her to go to the cave and find the Jadui Khanjar. But Chandrakanta refused to go there and said that this is not the right time to find the Khanjar.

Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates

Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates

Dhruv became angry and said that now he would alone find the Jadui Khanjar without her help. Iravati called the doctor for Veer. The doctor treated him. Veer became fine. Iravati told Bhadrmaa that Veer had caught Chandrakanta but Chandrakanta cheated him and hurt him.

Bhadrmaa told Iravati that they have to save Jadui Khanjar. Dhruv alone was searching for the Jadui Khanjar. He said that he would alone find the khanjar. Chandrakanta told Umang that Dhruv did not believe that Veer has got changed and he had gone to search khanjar alone.

Chandrakanta found a letter there. The letter was left by Veer. Chandrakanta read the letter and came to know that Iravati had left her soldiers around the cave in the protection of Jadui Khanjar. Chandrakanta said to Umang that they have to Dhruv because he had gone to search khanjar inside the cave.

Iravati’s soldiers attacked Dhruv but Chandrakanta and Dhruv came there and rescued Dhruv from them. Iravati’s soldiers came to Iravati and told her that Chandrakanta and Dhruv came to the cave and attacked them. They also said that there is a third person who is helping them.

Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates

Iravati got surprised and thought who could be that third one. Veer came to Chandrakanta. He fought with Iravati’s soldiers. Dhruv, Chandrakanta, Veer, and Umang entered the cave. Chandrakanta did veneration of Lord Vishnu and the Jadui Khanjar appeared in front of them.

But the Jadui Khanjar disappeared again. They got shocked. Iravati came there. She said to Chandrakanta that she cheated her in disguise of Surya. She tried to attack Chandrakanta but Veer came in front of her. Iravati came to know that now Veer is on the side of Chandrakanta.

Veer said to Iravati that she did not perform her duty of mother well. He said that she always used him as her slave but Chandrakanta came to his life and gave a new life to him. He said that he is now on the side of Chandrakanta and he would protect her from her.

Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates
Chandrakanta 27th January 2018 Written Updates

Iravati said that she would kill Chandrakanta with her black magic. Veer said to her that he would not let her do that. They all started to fight with each other. Bhdarmaa caught Dhruv with her magic. But Dhruv started chanting Vande Vishnu. He became free from it.

On the other hand, Iravati caught Chandrakanta and Veer with her magic. Chandrakanta started chanting Vande Vishnu. Chandrakanta and Veer became free. A Magic gate appeared in front of them where Jadui Khanjar was placed. Veer and Chandrakanta entered through the gate.

Iravati and Dhruv also tried to enter through the gate but they could not enter into it. Dhruv got angry. He left from there. Iravati said that now she would use Dhruv as her pawn against Chandrakanta.  

Will Chandrakanta get the Jadui Khanjar with the help of Veer?   

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