Home News Does Johnny Depp Have Tourette’s / Turettes? Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Defamation Trial 2022

Does Johnny Depp Have Tourette’s / Turettes? Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Defamation Trial 2022

Does Johnny Depp Have Tourette’s / Turettes? Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Defamation Trial 2022
Does Johnny Depp Have Tourette / Turettes? Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Defamation Trial 2022

Johnny Depp made news with tourette / turrete as he made a sarcastic remark against Amber Heard’s lawyer while Judge asked him to wait for the objection. Depp took the stand on Wednesday to testify against the claims made by his ex-wife Amber Heard. 


Amber has claimed that while they were together Depp didn’t only physically abuse her but also sexually assaulted her. While these are some serious allegations, Depp said that no human is perfect. He stated that he has his own share of flaws but he has never sexually or physically assaulted her. 

He stated that most of the stories were in her head including the story of him assaulting Kate Moss.

Johnny stated that the allegations made by Amber are completely outlandish and outrageous. He had to live with this story for six years and has been waiting to bring the truth out. He expressed that it is not going to be easy for either of them. However, Depp is determined to bring the truth out no matter what. 

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Johnny Depp’s Tourette’s Comment Explained

In the testimony, he was speaking his truth which he had to live with for the past six years. At times he would end the statement with sarcasm. He made sarcastic remarks as Heard’s lawyer objected to the statements he was making. 

Depp was asked to talk about the moment he found out about the restraining order to which he responded by saying it changed everything for him. Heard’s lawyer objected as soon as Johnny completed his sentence. Heard’s lawyer asked about the significance and relevance of the question. Depp replied with sarcasm saying, “Oh, it didn’t change everything?” 

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When judge Penny Azcarate heard his sarcasm, she requested him to wait for the objection. To which Depp responded by saying, “I am sorry, Tourette’s.” 

Tourette’s is a condition where an individual has motor tics like the blinking of the eye, facial grimacing, shoulder shrugging, and head or shoulder jerking. 

However, while it seemed like a sarcastic reply, Johnny may or may not have Tourette’s. It is not easy to diagnose the syndrome. 

Does Johnny Depp have Tourette’s? Syndrome explained

The Pirates of the Caribbean Sea actor has never been clinically or professionally diagnosed with Tourette syndrome as far as the public domain is concerned. In the court, he may have made a joke considering that situation. However, Johnny Depp has previously admitted to have some of Tourette’s symptoms.

The Los Angeles Times had quoted Depp saying,

“I made odd noises as a child. Just did weird things, like turn off light switches twice. I think my parents thought I had Tourette’s syndrome. I always have this fear if I’m in the theatre that I’ll suddenly stand up and scream or run up on stage. Or if I’m walking down the street with a pal. “My God, that pole back there, we have to go back and walk around it.” I think it’s normal. Isn’t it?”


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