Netflix’s Hollywood Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes and Everything Else We Know So Far

Hollywood Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Netflix News & Series Updates
Hollywood Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Netflix News & Series Updates

There are only two ways that a person could travel back in time through a genie or imagination. Hollywood is Ryan Murphy penned down stories of struggling actors in a post-world war Hollywood. The characters’ names are of the previous era’s real Hollywood personalities, projecting their stories in a fantasy version rather than what happened. The writer showcases what could have happened if there was no discrimination.

The writer has originally thought of making a miniseries of seven episodes, consisting of start, middle, and a happy ending. It was conveniently Ryan’s idea as he got bored writing 22-28 episodes, waiting five years for that show to hit. In contrast, now he could utilize that time to write another story.

The show was supposed to last only one season, that’s why they have made only seven-episode. But the massive fan request they have got for season 2, made the producers think over for season 2.

In the past, Murphy has written long-running series; series like Glee and American Crime Story, to take rest from such long-running series he penned down Hollywood, but fate had some other thing for him in mind.


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Hollywood Season 2 Release Date

Hollywood was designed with a purpose for a seven-episode miniseries, having a perfect ending. But, following the mass request on twitter handles have made the creators revisit their decision.

The official Twitter & Instagram handle of Hollywood dropped a hint, with an attached black-and-white clip of the Tinseltown trio (Archie, Jake, and Raymond). Even if they gave the clues, the show could not start early because of the pandemic. A series also requires various things like writing, editing, filming, production crew, and, most importantly, a studio set of the ’40s era.

There is a lot of work in Murphy’s baggage when he sorts out that then he could think of season 2, so, observing all circumstances, we could expect season 2 to not to release before 2022.

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Hollywood Season 2 Cast

Because of a seven-episode series, Murphy was able to catapult Hollywood legends, like Patti LuPone, Holland Taylor. It was easy for any actor to say yes to a miniseries would not take his/her enough time.

And observing Ryan Murphy’s previous anthology series’, it could be predicted that there will be little to no change in the cast members. It means that David Corsenwet, Darren Criss, and Jeremy pope will return as the Tinseltown trio, as well as Lupone, who played former actress turned studio head, Avis Amberg. Laura Harrier would reprise the role of Camille Washington.

Samara weaving would also likely repeat her character of actress Claire wood. Also, there are many tragic life stories like Marilyn Monroe’s, who was a sex symbol in the golden age of Hollywood. Her story could be used in season 2. The stories of actors like Marlyn Monroe or James Dean will surpass the previous ratings, but Ryan Murphy also has to be extra cautious writing about such controversial figures. Still, it’s worth taking a risk.

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Hollywood Season 2 Plot

The first installment finale showed a happy ending with Camille, a black actress winning the best actress in a leading role for the first time in history. Archie, a gay black screenwriter, winning away the golden statue & many others also winning in their respective categories, defying all the stereotypes. To summarize, the gas station where it all started was also shown shutting down.

Although it was a happy ending, there are still many questions to answer and problems to face by the leading characters.

In the upcoming season, we could see the characters voicing again the gender disparity at the workplace, discrimination based on color, and fighting for the equal rights of the LGBT community.

Also, in an Instagram session with a fan, Ryan Murphy expressed his opinion of making the show 20 years further than the present timeline of season 1, which means there is a possibility that season 2 would be the Hollywood of ’60s.

There is also a slight possibility that it would show the dark realities of fame & success, alluring from far, dirty from the near. Reaching the peak is difficult, but maintaining that position is much more difficult; it would be interesting to see how Jack, Camille, Raymond, and Archie handle this marvelous success.

We could never be sure of the next season, but we also know that a person like Ryan Murphy isn’t going to limit his imagination to only one season. And that’s why the show’s final title card was shown written “The Beginning”.

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