Netflix’s iZombie Has Been Canceled: Won’t Return For Season 6 But Burning Questions Will Be Answered

iZombie Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & Updates
iZombie Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & Updates

iZombie wrapped up its season five last year which, however, gave an ending to the show, but there were a few things that could have made a new storyline for the show. It gave hope to fans that there may be a possibility for the show to make another installment. This show is based on the Comic with the same name by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

It starred Rose McIver as Liv Moore, Alyson Michalka as Peyton Charles, David Anders as DeBeers, Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite and Bryce Hodgson as Don E. There were a few more actors in the show that came on and off. However, we saw McIver, Anders, Kohli the most. However, the question is unanswered still. Let’s get into the details and find out whether we will see another season or not.

What happened in season 5 of iZombie?

The last episode itself was titled ‘All’s well that ends well’, which pretty much summed up the show. There were some loose ends that were tied together in the last episode as well. The show was based on crime-solving in the beginning and it followed Liv. She ate the victims’ brains to understand the clues of the murders.

Later on, it evolved into an outbreak in the city. The story followed around the survival of everyone. However, in installment five, we saw that the outbreak came to an end. They found a vaccine for the outbreak and everything was finally over with some surprising deaths of the characters which were well deserved. The audience’s favorite show got a happy ending as well. It finally ended the five-season-long series.

If iZombie Season 6 is possible, What will be its plot?

Well, as we said, there were a few storylines which could have formed an upcoming installment. So, if there was a season 6, we may have seen what happened after they found the vaccine. We could have focused more on the lives of our favorite characters, how the ending of the zombie apocalypse changed their lives.

We could have seen a new twist like some zombies coming back. We could have explored where the brains came from. Moreover, it could have completed the ten-year gap with more elaborate stories. Although the series gave the audience what was most needed so these are just some possibilities we think could have happened.

Let us know what you think could have happened in the sixth installment?

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iZombie Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & Updates
iZombie Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & Updates

Where can I stream iZombie?

The show has 5 seasons and all of them are now available on Netflix. You can go ahead and stream the show online. The runtime of each episode of the show is around 42 minutes long. (Read: Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty Season 5.)

Will there be a season 6 of iZombie? Release Date

With the loose ends and completion of the story at the same time. It was hard to understand if there was going to be another part or not. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that there won’t be another installment for the show in May 2019. That means season five was a wrap up for the show.

However, the show ended beautifully. It gave us the closure we needed without dragging the story around.

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