My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans and Predictions

My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans and Predictions Boku No Hero Academia
My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans and Predictions Boku No Hero Academia

After seeing the fight between the army of heroes and Shigakari’s criminal gang in chapter 277, fans were waiting quite eagerly for chapter 278. The show’s central character, Izuku Midoriya, is a guy born in a world of quirks that grants power to everyone. Unfortunately, he is born with no quirks but takes inspiration from his role model, ‘All Might,’ the greatest hero alive who is also quirkless.

In his quest to become the greatest hero alive in this world of quirks, overcoming his limitations and the never give up attitude is what makes the Manga worth reading.
Chapter 278 was expected to release on July 12, but the release date is now changed because of the coronavirus. Continue reading Further to get more information about the updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Release Date

Shonen Jump Magazine publishes My Hero Academia, it releases a new chapter every week on Sunday. It was expected to release the unnamed chapter 278 on July 12, Sunday, but with utter dismay, there was no new chapter released this Sunday by the magazine.

The release’s new schedule is officially stated on Manga Plus, which is the official website for all Manga related news. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia was released on Sunday, July 20, in a digital version, not the analog version like earlier.

Boku No Hero Academia 278 Release Delay Reason

The weekly shonen jump magazine releases the statement regarding the delay. Because of coronavirus, they have to convert the upcoming issues into the digital one. To maintain the rule of social distancing among the fans, the publishing house will release the digital version of chapter 278 on their official website.

Fans can purchase the chapter or can buy a monthly subscription depending on their requirement from the website.

My Hero Academia Chapter 277 Recap

In the previous chapter, we saw Shigaraki’s quirks effaced by Aizawa with Bakugo and Midoriya using their tactics against the Shigaraki.

We saw Gran Torino, Bakugo, Endeavor, and Midoriya using all their might against Shigaraki, then taking Midoriya as a decoy, Bakugo delivers a smash hit Shigaraki. But unfortunately, that hit didn’t even give a scratch to Shigaraki, and we saw him laughing at Bukago’s failed attempt.

Izuku Midoriya knows that as long as Shigakari’s quirks are erased, they have a prospect to defeat his team. In this, all fight Izuku Midoriya’s biggest fear is of losing Aizawa, his mentor, who is holding on actively against Shigaraki and his team.

In the next scene, we saw Gigantomachia, one of Shigaraki’s paranormal liberation front army members, fighting up against Mt. Lady.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Spoilers and Predictions

In the last chapter, we saw Shigakari fighting against Midoriya’s team. He was quirkless, but now he got All For One’s quirk, and we could anticipate how much havoc he is going to create in chapter 278.

Chapter 277 witnessed Gigantomachia fighting against Mt. Lady, an obstruction in his path to reach the location of Shigakari, to assist him with more fighting force there. So in the next chapter, we can see Izuku Midoriya’s team getting outnumbered, with Gigantomachia bringing more assistance to the location.

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It is probable that in the next chapter, Shigaraki may get hold of One For All, and the next big fight will ensue between the new generation of All For One vs. One For All. It will be exciting to see what happens in the next chapter.

Almost every time before the release of any chapter on Sunday, the chapter’s leaks or spoilers start surfacing online on the internet. It usually happens 2-3 days before the weekly release on Sunday, but no spoiler leaked as the publishing house decided to release it in digital form. And it also didn’t release any chapter on July 12, so scammers couldn’t find any link on the internet.

Now the chapter will release on July 19, so the raw scans of the spoilers may reach us between 17-18 of July.

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