Naagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update (Colors TV): Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda! 

Naagin/Nagin 4 2nd August 2020 Written Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!
Naagin/Nagin 4 2nd August 2020 Written Update Colors TV: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!

The Nagin 4 2nd August 2020 episode begins with Vrinda sees Vrushali’s leg which is fine. Ketki questions Vrushali whether she is alright? Vrinda says that Badi Maa is walking so perfectly so she is alright. Vrushali says that Ketki left so suddenly that’s why she had to save her another leg! Vrinda says that she doesn’t mean this and questions on which leg did she got hurt?

Vrushali gets confused about this. Vrinda says that she might not remember it because she should not have come unprepared for the act. Vrinda says that she did it purposely so that Dev doesn’t get to spend time with her. Vrinda says that she also doesn’t want her to find Shalaka’s truth.

Naagin 4 2nd August 2020 Written Update: Colors TV

Vrinda says that she know Shalaka is not alone as Badi Maa is supporting her. Ketki says that she is talking rubbish. Vrinda says that let Dev decide it. Vrushali starts shouting for Dev and he comes there. Vrushali says to Dev that she can’t go anywhere so he must call the doctor at home. Dev goes to call the doctor and asks Vrinda to take mom in the room.

Vrushali says to Vrinda that Dev does everything which she asks him! Vrinda says that it won’t be forever and he trusts her because she hasn’t revealed her secrets in front of him. Vrushali says that Dev doesn’t even know about her real Naagin avatar. Vrinda gets shocked. Vrushali says that she doesn’t plan without brains.

Vrushali says that the one who hits her doesn’t stay alive. Vrinda says that Naagin comes back even after death to take their revenge. Vrinda says to Vrushali that Manyata is her real mother who gave her birth. Vrushali recalls when she killed Manyata and her family.

Shalaka is following Swara. Shalaka says that she shouldn’t think that she will be safe in the temple. Shalaka finds Swara and takes a knife to kill her. Swara makes the bamboo fall upon her. Shalaka tries to hit Swara from the bamboos. Vrushali calls Shalaka to return. Shalaka says to Swara that she will send her daughter’s marriage and then kill her.

Dev says to Vrinda that Mom is alright. Vrinda says that she wants to tell him something. Milly and Hardik come over there. Hardik says that they forgot to send Haldi to the bride’s home. Vrinda says that Badi Maa might have sent Haldi. Ketki also comes there that Vrushali was hurt. Vrinda says that she got her now but she could have sent Haldi before. Ketki asks Dev to go with the Haldi and Dev agrees for it.

Vrinda thinks that they are doing it purposely to make Dev away from her.

Dev comes downstairs that he will go to give the Haldi. Vrinda comes that he can’t go alone as his wife will go. Shalaka comes there and says to Dev that they should go. Vrinda says that she is Dev’s wife. Vrinda says to Shalaka that Dev has signed the divorce papers so she should also do it. Vrinda asks Lilly to bring the papers. Shalaka uses her magic and controls Dev to take her with him.

Lilly brings the papers but Dev denies it. Dev says that Shalaka will go with him.

Swara opens the door and gets out of the temple. Swara calls Vrinda that she is at Laal Tekdi’s mandir. Vrinda is not able to hear her. Swara says that Dev is doing all this because of Shalaka. Vrinda can’t hear her and the call gets disconnected. Vrinda comes in her Naagin avatar and goes behind Dev.

Shalaka goes with Dev.

Shalaka takes out Dev’s soul again and he gets unbalanced while driving. Vrinda enters the car in her Naagin avatar.

Swara finds Vrinda’s picture on an ancient page and reads all the pages. She finds out that Dev will help Naagin to find Laal Tekdi Mandir’s secret but he should not lose his soul. She reads that Dev will turn into a devil if his soul is not inside him.

Shalaka tells Vrushali that she failed to trap Dev’s soul because of Swara. Vrinda is in anger and takes a promise for her mother that she will end Dev’s life. She promises to end his family too.

Shalaka says to Dev that they are going to Laal Tekdi Mandir. They reach over there.

Vrinda calls Swara that Dev and Shalaka are coming inside. Swara tries to tell her everything but the call disconnects.

Shalaka finds that Swara is not in the temple. Shalaka comes to the car to take her locket and uses it to find Swara. Vrinda comes in her Naagin avatar and hits Shalaka. Swara reaches home and locks everything. Swara messages Vrinda to come from the balcony. Vrinda questions Dev why does he listen to Shalaka? Dev says that her mother is not here as Shalaka asks to find it. Vrinda takes Dev with him but his eyes turn red.

Vrinda reaches home and Swara gets scared seeing Dev. Dev loads the gun and hits Swara. Vrinda tries to hit Dev but he throws her away. Swara keeps her Om locket in Dev’s pocket.

Shalaka recalls that she was acting of being unconscious in front of Vrinda. She recalls when she controlled Dev to listen to everything. She thinks that she spoke to Dev to kill Swara. She gets happy that Dev did what she wanted! She thinks to find Dev and Naagmani before sunrise.

Vrinda cries badly seeing her mother’s dead body.

Shalaka takes out Dev’s soul for the last time but the sun rises and his soul returns to him. Dev comes into senses and questions Shalaka what is she doing? Shalaka says that she came to check. Dev says that nothing can happen between them and she should sign the divorce papers soon. Shalaka gets shocked that her magic didn’t work as Dev has Om’s locket.

Vrinda decides to take revenge from Dev and his family.

Precap: Vrinda kills Dev’s family and attacks on him. All the Naagin’s come together for the revenge!

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