Is Bill Clinton a Paedophile (Pedo)? #ClintonIsAPedo Trending on Twitter: Jeffrey Epstein’s Unsealed Court Documents

Is Bill Clinton a Paedophile (Pedo)? #ClintonIsAPedo Trending on Twitter: Jeffrey Epstein's Unsealed Court Documents
Is Bill Clinton a Paedophile (Pedo)? #ClintonIsAPedo Trending on Twitter: Jeffrey Epstein's Unsealed Court Documents

Bill Clinton, former US President, has denied ever having visited St Little James, the private island of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton’s official representative Angel Urena has said the same via posting on his Twitter handle.

There has been a lot going on encircling Epstein. Clinton’s representative said that the former president didn’t contact Jeffrey for more than a decade before Epstein’s crimes came into the spotlight.

Recently, Virginia Giuffre came into the light once again when the documents regarding Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed in the court. She claimed to be one of Epstein’s victims. According to her testimony, she once saw Bill Clinton at the time on billionaire’s island with young girls.

“I remember asking Jeffrey what Bill Clinton was doing here, and he laughed and said, ‘Well, he owes me favors.” “He never told me what those favors were. I never knew…. He told me that everybody owed him favors a long time ago”, says Virginia Giuffre in her testimony.

It should not be taken as a surprising thing because the former Democratic President Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein have been linked in the past. Clinton was a regular passenger of the Lolita Express, a name given by Epstein to his privately-owned Boeing 727 airplane.

It has been suspected of carrying underage girls to Little Saint James Island. Gawker website claims that Clinton has flown 11 times on that plane. Once, he also traveled with a porno actress.

The former billionaire Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide last year in prison. He had been charged with sexually assaulting several underage girls on his Caribbean islands. He has been several with numerous VIPs from the political and cultural sphere all over the world. His links have been creating controversies from time to time.

There have been several reports on the flight file logs who have traveled in Epstein’s Lolita Express in the past. The logs have the names of numerous prominent personalities. His name has been linked to Will Smith, Prince Andrew, Stephen Hawking, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others.

Tweets on social media about bill Clinton is a pedo:

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