Black River Mercenaries In Portland: Security Firm Owned by Besty DeVos’s Brother Erik Prince Under Fire

Black River Water Security Mercenaries Portland
Black River Water Security Mercenaries Portland, Betsy Devos Brother Erik Prince

The recent articles and photos of the federal police harming the peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon, have disturbed everyone. Various theories are coming to life regarding the police force used in “crowd control” by the Department of Homeland Security.

The fifty-plus nights of protests in Portland have taken a wild shape after masses accused the police of misbehaving with the protesters, journalists, and observers.

The rage is fueled even more after numerous theories stated that private security guards, without proper knowledge, have been employed to control the protest areas.

A few days earlier, a theory stated that a contract security personnel from a private firm ZTI are being hired by the DHS. However, the theory turned out to be false. People confused the ZT1 patch, used as a serial number to identify soldiers, with ZTI security firm. For more details click here. Read about Black River/Water Security Portland Betsy Devos brother.

Black River Mercenaries/Security in Portland

An independent investigation journalist Bill Conroy wrote an article on Medium suggesting that an agency called Federal Protective Service (FPS), an official branch of DHS coordinating the “crowd control effort” is using private contractors in Portland to calm down the protests.

He mentioned that FPS uses “private-sector security companies like Blackwater corporate descendant Triple Canopy as well as dozens of other private security firms” to increase the men-force required to handle the crowd.

Black River Water Security Mercenaries Portland
Black River Water Security Mercenaries Portland, Betsy Devos Brother Erik Prince

A fact sheet posted on the official website of DHS states that the agency uses “13,000 contract staff to conduct security screenings at federal buildings.” About 1,000 are police officers, criminal investigators, and law enforcement security officers.

Conroy made several claims about Homeland Security is using officers without “proper training and certifications, including proper firearms training.” And the lack of knowledge is causing trouble to the people protesting in Portland. Check who owns black river mercenaries and its details.

Black River Security Portland: Betsy Devos Brother’s Blackwater Security Firm

The author called out Blackwater Security multiples times in the article. Betsy Devos brother Eric Price is the founder of the private military company Blackwater USA, changed its name to Academi. He sold the firm in 2010 to an investor, according to his Wikipedia page.

The firm did not have a good reputation in the industry, as Blackwater troops opened fire in a crowded square in Baghdad and killed 17 Iraqi Civilians. The incident is infamous as the Nisour Square Massacre which took place in September 2007.

Bill Conroy’s claims have not been identified by any major local publication. He posted a quote from a former soldier and did not include his name in the article.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Blackriver Mercenaries.

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