Hulu’s Better Things Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes and Everything Else You Need To Know

Better Things Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Hulu News & Series Updates
Better Things Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Hulu News & Series Updates

The show is about the life of a single mother, raising her three daughters while also maintaining her professional commitments as an actress. The show deals with serious issues like parenting, in a delicate & funny way.

Although the show was not a smash hit, still it garnered a devout fan-base. And after the fourth installment ended, all those are wondering whether season 5 will take place or not?

Better Things Season 5 Release Date

There may be bad news for the fans of the show, as the production house has not announced the show’s renewal for season 5. Earlier, the show started shooting for the upcoming one, even before the previous installment went off the air.

It is observed over seasons, the show has seen a decline in viewer’s percentage; recently a report published, showing better things as the 2nd least-watched show on the network. So, practically speaking, there is a slight chance that the show can be cancelled.

But, the deal with streaming platform HULU could give them a global audience, enabling them getting more viewership.

The previous installment was aired in February, so fingers crossed we can expect season 5 in mid-2021, considering the pandemic at present.

Why is Pamela Adlon not writing script for Better Things season 5?

Pamela Adlon has said in an interview that she is not going to write the script of the fifth installment until this pandemic ends. She is not going to write for the show & never produce it, as the coronavirus has put many production companies at a halt. (check: Spinning Out season 2.)

Better Things Season 5 Plot

Well, the story has revolved around Sam & her struggles with parenting, for the last four seasons; and honestly speaking the same storyline for every installment, bored the viewers resulting in low TV ratings.

So, now it has become a challenge for Pamela, come up with some funny & twisting anecdotes, and we hope it will work that way, as we all know how creative Adlan is as a writer.

And also, in the installment four finale episode, we saw Duke getting advice from a mysterious woman, and she disappears when Duke turns around. So, we could expect season 5 to revolve around that mystery woman.

For character arcs, Sam has had her closure with Xander after paying the remaining money. The usual arguments between Max and Sam are expected. In the end, they make up for each other by seeing each other’s point of view.

The upcoming installment is expected to feature the same kind of crazy situations seen in the previous installments.

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Better Things Season 5 Cast

Like previous seasons, the cast is going to remain almost identical; with Pamela Adlan reprising the role of Sam Fox, Mikey Madison as fickle but decent eldest daughter Max, Hannah Alligood playing the role of bisexual daughter Frankie and Olivia Edward as the younges daughter Duke.

In installment four, we saw Sam clearing up all with her ex-husband Xander, so there are probable chances, we would see much less of Mathew Glave in the upcoming season.

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