Feel Good Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot and Everything Else About Netflix Series

Feel Good Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & TV Series Updates Channel 4
Feel Good Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Plot, Spoilers, Netflix News & TV Series Updates Channel 4

Feel Good is a British rom-com released on 18 March 2020, the show is a semi-autobiography of comedian Mae Martin, who is also a co-writer of the script. The show originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK and worldwide on Netflix.

The show portrays the journey of the fictionalized version of Mae Martini in the world of stand-up comedy, where she meets her future love interest George, a subdued middle-class English woman.

The show then takes on the romantic relationship that George and Mae share, her life as a stand-up comedian in London. As their relationship progresses further, George comes to know about Mae’s past drug addiction, which her mom (Lisa Kudrow) accidentally mentioned during a video call.

The show takes various facets like sexuality, drug addiction, adultery, fame, and a take on modern-day relationships.

So, if you have not watched season one of the show, then go watch it on Netflix or channel 4, the show comprises six episodes only, and all the episodes are just on average 30 minutes long, which will not take enough of your precious time available.

Feel Good Season 2 Renewal Status

Neither the Netflix, channel 4, nor the production house has stated any news about the renewal of season 2. The reviews that it got from critics and fans indicated that the show could be revived for one more season.

Even the co-writer and lead of the show, Mae Martin, has stated in one of the interviews that there are many stories left to explore in season 2, like Mae and George’s relationship.

And not to forget the popularity of Mae Martini, which will increase the subscribers for Netflix. We’re almost sure that Netflix will not leave this chance of catapulting the fan base she has to increase their show’s ratings.

Feel Good Season 2 Cast

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie are expected to return playing their titular role as love birds Mae and George. In the previous season, the screen time of Lisa Kudrow’s character, Linda playing Mae’s mother was very less, in season 2, we are hopeful of seeing more of her role.

Sophie Thompson is heard of returning as Maggie, mentor to Mae. We could see her daughter Lava, played by Ritu Arya, to become a more strong character after being cheated by Mae Martin in the previous season. And Phil Burgers as George’s Flatmate Phil.

And recurring characters like David, Binky, and Kevin can also be seen in season 2, giving guest appearances.

As far as the entry of new characters, there is no news about the audition or finalizing of some actor or actress has been confirmed by the sources. But, season 2 will see Mae’s rise as a comedy star, and in that phase, there is a possibility that he will make new enemies in the business, which shows a probability that new entrants will come in season 2.

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Feel Good Season 2 Release Date

It is widely known that Netflix keeps the release date of their show’s under wraps, and similar procedures they are doing here. But, rumors are going around, the production has planned to start shooting late this year and release the series in January 2021.

But then the pandemic happened, and everything came to a standstill. As it is a rom-com, it will be pretty difficult for the cast to follow social distancing rules. At this juncture when the virus is increasing at an alarming rate, nobody wanted to risk being affected by the virus.

So as per now, no further shooting is happening on the sets, and the best bet on the release date is March 2021, the release date could also escalate further considering the virus’s risk is still out there.

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Feel Good Season 2 Plot

Many stories can be explored in season 2, like Mae’s mother requesting her to come back to Canada, it will take Mae and George’s relationship to a whole new level. The question then arises whether George will move out of London and go with Mae or break up with Mae. These questions can only be answered in season 2.

Then we saw her sponsor, Maggie cutting all her ties with her, as she hurt the feelings of her only daughter Lava by sleeping with her for her selfish lust. It would be interesting to see whether she would apologize to both of them and reconcile with Maggie burying all the past deeds.

In the finale episode, George asks Mae if there is anything she needs to know. In the next scene, we could see Mae lying in bed with George with his heartbeat pounding real fast, maybe because there is something she wanted to tell her or perhaps drug abuse, happening of both the scenarios has a high possibility. These are the aspects which will be answered in season two only.

She also clashed with a male comedian, who asked for sexual advances from her in place of an opening act slot.

All in all, Mae has made various mistakes, and coming out from this ditch of problems is going to be difficult. But the good thing is that one of her videos has become viral on the internet, which will act as a crowd puller for his upcoming comedy shows.

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